About me

Hi, my name is David. I’m a web developer and co-proprietor of Atomic Smash, a WordPress / Woocommerce design and development studio based in Bristol (UK). Since it’s beginnings in 2010, Atomic Smash has changed a lot. In that time the team has grown from 2 to 10 digital specialists.

The way we work has been refined and the company offering has also matured. As a company, we aim to only work with people who know how important their web presence is and understand that websites need ongoing improvements and refinements. Websites are never ‘complete’.

My role within the business has also begun to shift. I no longer do WordPress development every day but I’m beginning to handle more of a mix of client relations and mapping out a technical strategy for the future of the company.

I started this blog to talk about things directly relating to WordPress and our day to day processes at Atomic Smash, but also for a place record how and why to do certain development task, a knowledge bank in some ways. I hope others find some of the articles useful.